Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial, Washington, DC

Another social whirlwind of a weekend!  We rented a car and drove (for the first time in almost 3 months!) to Julie’s.  Love her new-old house—it completely suits them all. We went to the Annapolis Boat Show, then to dinner at Chris and Sharon’s.  We went back to Shaw’s Orchard for Honey Crisps (YUM!!) and to see the field of sunflowers, then picked Stacie up at DCA.  Our very first ‘boat guest’…it definitely is a small space J  We all went to church at Aldersgate, where I saw Leslie German’s mom.  Brunch with the ‘gang,’ including most of my ‘other Mommies.’ We all went for a lovely walk with Stacie around the Tidal Basin.  Loved seeing FDR, MLK, Jr. and Jefferson Memorials again!  Finally, we had dinner at Chadwick’s in Old Town.  Whew…very fun weekend, but now exhausted!

Love, US