Crew of Three

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How Bold Dreams and Detailed Plans
Launched Our Family’s Sailing Adventures

As we sailed out of our cove, our home behind us and the complete unknown ahead, I couldn’t help thinking that I was leaving everything I knew and loved—with the exception of Michael and Ally. Talk about being pushed past my comfort zone in just about every direction.

Kimberly is a traveler, adventurer and gardener. Not a sailor. Yet she, her husband, and their 10-year-old daughter moved aboard their 34-foot boat for two years and sailed from Massachusetts to Grenada and back, after two full years of planning. 

In this captivating memoir, the author shares how they meticulously planned their escape from the constraints of the everyday, embarking on a remarkable journey that defies convention and embraces the winds of change. 

Packed with detailed information, this is the story of their decision to go, the two years of planning to make it work, plus the first several months they lived aboard. It is part memoir and part instruction manual for breaking free of the ordinary.

Sailors and non-sailors alike, who thrive on adventure and seek to live an intentional life, a bit off of the beaten path, will find both wisdom and inspiration in this family’s adventures. 


“With good careers, a home, shoreside obligations and a young daughter to consider, Kimberly Ward and her husband decided to take a two-year sailing sabbatical. In this book, which is as much a how-to as a why-to, Kimberly candidly shares her decision-making processes, organizational ideas and the stumbling blocks she encountered, the processes she followed as they chose and outfitted a boat, broke free and at the same time ensured their daughter’s homeschooling and their return to shore-life would be successful. If you ever thought of taking a long sailing break, this book might be just what you need to turn the dream into a reality.”

— Lin Pardey, Sailor and Author, "Storm Tactics Handbook"

“More than simply a memoir, Crew of Three provides practical planning advice when seeking to break free from the ordinary and a roadmap for actually doing it. Kimberly shares with readers the nitty-gritty details that went into transforming their lives. If you want to go out cruising, or have some other big idea, this book offers readers a step-by-step approach to turn that dream into reality.”

— Carolyn Shearlock, Author, "The Boat Galley Cookbook"

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